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"The American Flag" PBS Program

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Check out the story about "The American Flag" on Ruth Ratny's Reel Chicago! Thanks to BAM Studios!

Hear the interview with director Phillip Koch about "The American Flag" PBS broadcast on Chicago Public Radio!

Revolutionary War reenactors perform at Sotheby's auction of four battle flags in New York City!

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"Return Sabers!" revolutionary war reenactors at Sotheby's

At Sotheby's auction in PBS' "The American Flag"
Collector Ben Zaricor & Flag Historian Whitney Smith

Filming "The American Flag" in Northern California
Boy Scouts raise the flag

9/11 volunteers Peter Conlin & Major Andersen
Filmed in New York City

Flag Film Crew with Norman Lear

(Left to Right) Cinematographer Marc Miller, Producer/Director Phillip Koch, Producer Sally Marschall, Norman Lear, Production Assistant Katherine Koch, flag collector Ben Zaricor

"The American Flag" crew with Harold Ramis

(left to right) Production Assistant Peter Kosowsky, Cinematographer Bob Long, Sound Recordist Steve Lafayette, Producer Sally Marschall, famed filmmaker Harold Ramis, Producer/Director Phillip Koch, Production Assistant Katherine Koch at Second City shoot

At Sotheby's in New York City
Reenactors with historic revolutionary battle flag in background

Film Police!

PBS broadcasts "The American Flag"!!
Producer/Director Phillip Koch &TV/Film Producer Norman Lear

Photographed at Second City in Chicago
Harold Ramis interviewed for the PBS program "The American Flag"