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Recommended Book list

FILM POLICE! suggests the following books and audiotapes that you can order right on this site. Note that some books have been made into films and you can also order the films from us. You can order the soundtrack CD of many of the films in the catalog. It’s interesting to compare the book and the film version of the same title. There are some works that also have audiotapes; compare all three! When ordering, be sure you let us know what it is you are ordering: a videotape, a book, a soundtrack CD or an audiotape. Also, email any suggestions for new listings. We will post your email commentary!



"My Last Sigh" by Luis Bunuel, Random paper, $16.00 ISBN 0394725018

"Beauty and the Beast: Diary of a Film" by Jean Cocteau, Dover paper, $6.95 ISBN 0486227766

"Painting with Light" by John Alton, University of California paper, $22.50

ISBN 0520089499; Oscar®winning cinematographer tells how he did it.

"The Parade’s Gone By" by Kevin Brownlow, University of California, paper, $27.50  ISBN 0520030680; history and personalities of the silent era.

"COOL WOMEN-The Reference" by Dawn Chapman, Mari Florence, Naomi Wax, Girl Press, paper, $19.95  ISBN 0-9659754-0-1; The thinking girl’s guide to the hippest women in history. A slightly dangerous book for girl mavericks!

"In The Blink of an Eye" by Walter Murch, SILMJ, paper, $12.95  ISBN 1879505232;Oscar®winning editor and sound mixer ("The English Patient," "The Right Stuff," "The Godfather I & II")

"Who The Devil Made It?--Conversations with Filmmakers" by Peter Bogdanovich  Knopf, Hardcover, $39.95  ISBN 0679447067

"Screenwriters Bible: A Complete Guide to Screenwriting" by Trottier, SILMJ Scribners Publishing, Paper $18.95  ISBN 1879505266

"Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese" by Martin Scorsese, Hyperion, Hardcover, $40.00  ISBN 0786863285

"Jackie Brown, A Screenplay" by Quentin Tarantino, Hyperion, paper, $10.95  ISBN 0786883499

"The Birdcage, The Shooting Script" by Elaine May, New MP, paper, $15.95  ISBN 1557042772

"Beneath Mulholland, Thoughts on Hollywood" by David Thomson, Knopf, hardcover, $25.00  ISBN 0679451153

"Hitchcock" By Francois Truffaut, SMN, paper, $20.00  ISBN  671604295

"What I really Want to Do is Direct" by B. Frolick, Dutton, hardcover, $24.95  ISBN 0525937706

"Somewhere in the Night, Film Noir" by Christophe,_, Free, hardcover, $25.00  ISBN 0684828030

"Screenplay, The Foundations of Screenwriting" by Syd Field, BanPP, paper, $12.95  ISBN 0440576474

"Film Fatales, Independent Women Directors" by J. Redding, SeaLa, paper, $16.95   ISBN 1878067974

"Film School Confidential, The Insiders Guide" by Karen Kelly, Berki, paper, $13.00  ISBN 0399523391

"Videohounds’ Independent Film Guide" by Sullivan, Visbl, paper, $17.95  ISBN 1578590183

"The Ice Storm, The Shooting Script" by James Schamus, NewMP, paper, $16.95   ISBN 1557043094

"Scorsese by Scorsese" by Martin Scorsese, Faber, paper, $15.95  ISBN 0571178278

"The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Story" By Christopher Vogler, Wiese, paper, $22.95  ISBN 0941188132

"Crime Scenes, Movie Poster Art of the Film" by L. Bassoff, Frent, paper, $35.00   ISBN 1886310114

"Underground Film" by Parker Tyler, Dacat, paper, $13.95  ISBN 0306806320

"Making A Good Script Great" by Linda Seger, FRENT, paper, $12.95  ISBN 0573699216

"Making Movies" by Sidney Lumet, Knopf, hardcover, $25.00  ISBN 0679437096

"Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Age" by Mark Vaz, Delry, hardcover, $80.00  ISBN 0345381521

"The Actors’ Book of Movie Monologues" by Mark Smith, Penguin, paper, $12.95   ISBN 14009475X

"On the Road To Tara: The Making of Gone With The Wind" by Aljean Harmetz, Abram, hardcover, $39.95  ISBN 0810936844

"The Film of Akira Kurosawa" by Donald Ritchie, UCAL, paper, $24.95  ISBN 0520200268

"Worst Movies of All Time or What were They thinking?" by Michael Sauter, CiTad, paper, $16.95  ISBN 0806515775

"Andrei Tarkovsky: Sculpting In Time, Reflections" by Andrei Tarkovsky, University of Texas, paper, $20.95  ISBN 0292776241

"Violent Screen: A Critic’s 13 Years on the :" By Steven Hunter, Banpp, paper, $12.95   ISBN 0385316526

"The English Patient: A Screenplay" by Anthony Minghella, Hyperion, paper, $10.95   ISBN 078688245X

"The English Patient" by Michael Ondaatje (a novel),Vintage, paper, $12.00    ISBN 0679745203

"Seven Years in Tibet, Screenplay and Story" by Jean-Jacques Annaud, NEWMP, hardcover, $27.50   ISBN 1557043426

"A Thousand Acres" by Jane Smiley (a novel), IvyBk, paper, $7.50   ISBN 0804115761

"A Thousand Acres" by Jane Smiley (audiotape), SimoA, audio, $22.00   ISBN 0671577271

"LA Confidential" by James Ellroy (a novel), WarnT, paper, $12.99   ISBN 0446674249; the screenplay based on this novel won an Oscar®; this is the book that even the author said was too complicated to make into a movie; later, Mr. Ellroy said he was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the film.

"The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan ( a novel), IvkBk, apper, $6.99  ISBN 0804106304

"Oscar and Lucinda" by Peter Carey (a novel),Vintage, paper, $13.00   ISBN 0679777504

"Oscar and Lucinda" by Peter Carey (audiotape), Random, audio, $24.00   ISBN 0679460985

"Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf (a novel), Harco, paper, $12.00    ISBN 0156005557

"House of the Spirits" by Isabel Allende (a novel), Bantam, paper, $7.99    ISBN 0553273914

"The Handmaid’s Tale" by Margaret Atwood (a novel), Fawcett, paper, $6.99  ISBN 0449212602

"Anime Movie Guide" by McCarthy,__, Penguin, paper, $17.95   ISBN 0879517816

"A River Runs Through It and Other Stories" by Norman Maclean (fiction), Pocket, paper, $6.99   ISBN 0671776975

"Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe (a novel), Bantam, paper, $7.99   ISBN 0553275976

"Breathing Lessons" by Anne Tyler (a novel), Berkley, paper, $6.99  ISBN 042511774X

"Dark City, A Novel" by Fred Lauria, StMap, paper, $5.99   ISBN 0312963432

"Lucy Lawless-Renee O’Connor: Warrior Stars of Xena"--by Nikki Stafford, ECW Press, paper, $16.95   ISBN I-55022-347-X; Chronicles Lawless’ journey from a budding opera singer to landing the role of Xena, plus O’Connor’s story as Xena’s sidekick.

"Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott (a novel), Washq, paper, $5.99   ISBN 0671517643

"Texasville" by Larry McMurtry (a novel), Pocket, paper, $19.95  ISBN 0671735179

"Henry V by William Shakespeare" by Kenneth Branagh, Norton, paper, $15.95  ISBN 0393316777

"The Apostle, Screenplay" by Robert Duvall, Berkley, paper, $12.00   ISBN 0425166074


"The Kid Stays in the Picture" by Robert Evans (audiotape) Dovba, audio, $24.95   ISBN 0787101362 (read in a incredibly expressive "Hollywood" voice by the author, the real Godfather himself, Robert Evans!)

"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by John Berendt (audiotape), Random House, audio, $39.95   ISBN 0679460802

"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Toole (auidotape), DovBa, audio, $16.95   ISBN 155800145X

"The Horse Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans (audiotape), Bantm, audio, $24.95   ISBN 0553474286; the major motion picture stars Robert Redford (also director) and Kristin Scott Thomas.

"2000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks" by Carl Reiner (audiotape), Fafor, audio, $24.95  ISBN 1568268572


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