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Just a few of our latest productions:

"Summer in Genoa" available on DVD!
Rent it, buy it, view it!

The Chicago Tribune/Metromix names “Summer in Genoa” one of

25 Best Films of 2010!!  Also, one of

20 Good Films You Didn’t See in 2010!!

'Summer in Genoa' review

A drama that doesn’t need a lot of talk or action to shake you up

By Matt Pais

Metromix (Chicago Tribune)
May 20, 2010 

 Critic's Rating: (4 out of 5 stars!!)


"One minute Mary (Perla Haney-Jardine) has her hands over her big sister’s (Willa Holland) eyes, playing a game in the car. The next Mary’s playfully covering her mom’s eyes as she drives, resulting in an accident that kills mom (Hope Davis). A few months after the funeral, Dad (Colin Firth), a University of Chicago professor, brings his daughters to Italy for a change of scenery, where Kelly cozies up with Italian guys and Mary sees visions of her mom.

The buzz: Re-titled from “Genova” by its U.S. distributor, the latest from director/co-writer Michael Winterbottom has been around for a while, including a showing at the 2008 Toronto Film Festival. No worries; sometimes these little movies take a while to surface, and this one has the benefit of Catherine Keener, co-starring as Firth’s character’s old friend.

The verdict: The beautifully raw, wonderfully acted “Summer in Genoa” sometimes observes when it could analyze, and the film draws a bit too much suspense from children in danger. Yet many of those situations stem from the sense of drifting, numb and frozen, through life that no longer seems real after tragedy. Through guilt and sorrow you can feel the distance between these family members, and you know a movie like this is working when it holds you tight and nervous in every moment, even when very little is happening. The action is in the characters’ faces, as their bodies pretend their mind is in the same place. They know life goes on; the question is, how?"--Matt Pais, Metromix

A&E Series Premiere

The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty



Film Police has been busy lately. Line Producer Phil Koch just wrapped a brisk two-week production for Michael Winterbottom, a British director best known for directing "A Mighty Heart," the 2007 drama about the search for Daniel Pearl in Pakistan by his wife Mariane Pearl starring Angelina Jolie. Winterbottom is also notable for directing "24 Hour Party People" and "Tristam Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story" both starring British Comedian Steve Coogan. Winterbottom came to Chicago to direct introductory scenes for his latest feature film "A Summer in Genoa," a ghost story inspired by Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 thriller "Don’t Look Now" starring Colin Firth ("Bridget Jones," "Pride and Prejudice"). "Genoa" mainly takes place in Genova, Italy but Colin Firth’s character is a University of Chicago professor who has two daughters.  Phil Koch said, "Michael needed to complete a number of scenes within a tight indie-film budget and schedule. He could not afford to fly his British crew over here, in fact he traveled alone without department heads, a support staff or even an assistant. When a filmmaker of Michael’s stature travels out of his comfort zone, we have to work extra hard to ensure a smooth production and positive experience that may result in a return shoot in the future. We coordinated the casting and location scouting during pre-production and we line-produced and production managed the shoot days." Leading man Colin (modern Darcy in both "Bridget Jones" movies and period Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice") Firth was not on the Chicago call sheet. Casting Director (and Film Police co-owner) Sally Marschall was able to work with the director by email and telephone in setting up casting sessions. Veteran Film Police cinematographer Bob Long was the cameraman. Fletcher Chicago provided the camera equipment including a Sony F900 High Def camera package. Film Police was recommended to Winterbottom by a producer at BBC London who has worked with Film Police on other projects. Sally Marschall said, "Michael told us that if he had known in advance how beautiful the skyline, the downtown and the parks appear on camera, how easy and efficient it is to shoot in Chicago, and the depth of the crew and talent base, he would have scheduled more scenes here."


Arri 35mm camera mounted high over the
Chicago El tracks for Tropicana/DDB London

Cameraman Bob Long on set below the El
for Tropicana Orange Juice/DDB London

click here to play Tropicana 40 second commercial!!

View the "Tropicana Orange Juice" commercial!
Locations include the Chicago lakefront, the El train, and downtown Chicago!  Film Police provided Line Producing, production management, crews, location scouting and management, casting, actors, equipment rentals, transportation, catering, and more! 

American/British crew on Michigan Avenue Bridge
for Tropicana Orange Juice/DDB London


Cinema St. Louis presents “The Shock Doctrine” and “Summer in Genoa” at the 2010 St. Louis Film Festival!

Sally Marschall & Phillip Koch
Q&A at St. Louis Film Festival

"The Shock Doctrine" screens at the
St. Louis Film Festival

Naomi Klein in "The Shock Doctrine"
US premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

Sundance US Premiere!  The new documentary “The Shock Doctrine” directed by Michael Winterbottom & Mat Whitecross premiere screens at Sundance to packed audiences SRO!


Shot in Chicago by ace Film Police crews headed by veteran Cinematographers Joe Costello and Rich Ball (our very own “Chicago boys”), Phillip Koch, Line Producer and Sally Marschall, Associate Producer!


Edited in London, based on the stunning New York Times best-selling book by Naomi Klein, this is a hard-hitting documentary on the dangers of government and corporate control of economies throughout the world including Pinochet in Chile, and Bush in this country, all based on the precepts of the late University of Chicago Economics Professor Milton Friedman and implemented by his “Chicago boys.”  A must-see!


Shot in High-Def with Fletcher Chicago camera equipment (thank you Archie, Tom, Sally, Stan, Sip, Zoe, Megan, Kevin, Mike & Al!) and on location at the University of Chicago in Hyde Park (thank you Mary Beth, Katie & Alison), WBEZ radio station at Navy Pier (thank you Alison & Shawn!), and Loyola University in Chicago (thank you David, April, Jeff, Tamara, & Mark!), Film Police captures all the excitement!

American/British crew on set for
"The Shock Doctrine"

Film Police worked with another world-class director, Lars Von Trier ("Dogville" with Nicole Kidman, "Dancer in The Dark") and his Zentropa Entertainment. Zentropa is the largest production company in Denmark. Zentropa was commissioned by the Chicago-based Weber Stephens company to produce a corporate film for the European market for Weber Grills. Zentropa called Koch who Line Produced talent, crew, vehicles, equipment, locations and other production requirements. Koch said, "We shot in Weber’s factories and test kitchens in Palatine and Huntley, Illinois." Filming involved staging two backyard barbecues at a Weber employee’s house in Long Grove, a one week shoot in January to get footage of a Bears Super Bowl party with outdoor grilling in the snow and a one week shoot in May to get beauty shots of an All-American Midwest backyard barbecue with Spring in full bloom. Marc Menet was the camera assistant, Andy Cook was the gaffer, Bill Lindgren and Bily Salazar were grips, Steve Lafayette and Mike Capulli were the soundmen, and Fletcher Chicago provided the Sony F900 High Def camera. Lars Von Trier famously does not travel by air, only by train or by auto, so Zentropa flew in from Denmark two directors, a Steadicam operator, a cameraman, a writer, a marketing director, and two producers, everyone making two round trips, Chicago/Copenhagen, for the two shoots. All the Danes spoke fluent English so there were no communication problems.

On set for BBC "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
1929 period set

BBC "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
on set Al Capone in Miami (actually Chicago!)

Film Police director Sally Marschall
shoots the sun, surf and sand on Lake Michigan!

We film on location or in the studio, all over the world!


"Medusa Challenger" has been nominated to the National Film Registry!  We need your help!  Save a classic film from fading away!  Please nominate “Medusa Challenger” to the National Film Registry.  Send an email to Donna Ross at the Library of Congress:


Put “National Film Registry” in the subject line and “I nominate Medusa Challenger” in the body of the message.  Thank you for helping to preserve quality films! It’s quick & easy. You won’t get any unwanted emails.


Nominating emails will help “Medusa Challenger” be selected for the National Film Registry and to enable us to restore the negative.



PBS broadcasts "The American Flag"!!
Producer/Director Phillip Koch &TV/Film Producer Norman Lear

Photographed at Second City in Chicago
Harold Ramis interviewed for the PBS program "The American Flag"