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We love these sites.  We highly recommend these sites for their great content, usefulness, newsworthiness, for all the great people working on the sites, or just because these sites are so entertaining!

Favorite film sites:

State of Illinois Film Office

City of Chicago Film Office

Ruth Ratny's Reel Chicago

Roger Ebert

IMDB (The Internet Movie Database)

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood

Finch's Quarterly Review

Arts & Letters Daily

Favorite Media Sites

Chicago Sun-Times Lynn Sweet's blog

Huffington Post

Tina Brown's The Daily Beast

The Daily Mail (London UK)

Stump Connelly's The Week Behind

The Art Newspaper


Funny or Die

The New York Observer

Books & Book Collecting -- For those hard to find, rare and scarce books!

More sites!

Favorite Film Video Equipment Suppliers
  You can always count on these great companies--We think they're great!

Fletcher Chicago

Schumacher Camera (Chicago)

Zacuto (Chicago)


Filmworkers Astrolab

The Broadcast Shop

Let us know what you think!  Tell us about your favorite sites!  Just send a message below.  We want to hear from you!

PBS broadcasts "The American Flag"!!
Producer/Director Phillip Koch &TV/Film Producer Norman Lear

Photographed at Second City in Chicago
Harold Ramis interviewed for the PBS program "The American Flag"